How would you like to go all day without glasses or contact lenses and still be able to see?  If you’ve been thinking about lasik or if you are too young to get lasik, there is a less expensive, non-surgical procedure that can correct your vision.  If your child’s eyesight is rapidly deteriorating and he or she keeps requiring stronger and stronger glasses, this procedure can help stop your child’s worsening vision.  This procedure has become more and more popular due to the positive research it has gathered regarding its ability to control myopia (nearsightedness) progression as well as offering its users complete freedom from their glasses and contact lenses all day.  This procedure is called orthokeratology or ortho k as it is now widely known.

If you have always wanted lasik but your prescription has not stabilized and it keeps getting higher each year, ortho k may be your answer to help stabilize your vision.  Studies have shown that Ortho k can control myopia progression.  Once your prescription has stabilized with ortho k, lasik can always be done.

Children and Teens. Ortho-k is arguably the treatment of choice for children and teens with low to moderate progressive nearsightedness.  Age is not a determinant of suitability. Young patients as old as only 7 years have done ortho-k.  Many received only a single prescription adjustment over the many years of treatment in order to maintain perfect eyesight.  Our young patients are fully independent when taught all lens care procedures including insertion and removal of lenses onto the eye.  We are continually impressed at how quickly they acquire excellent lens care technique.

Myopia (Nearsightedness) Control

Progressive myopia has always been a source of frustration for parents who are concerned for their child’s future.  If your child’s eyesight is deteriorating at every visit to your optometrist resulting in stronger glasses, the concern is understandable.  Many parents ask:  Can anything be done for my child’s eyes?

The answer now is a definite YES! We believe we can help your child!

Ortho k involves wearing specially designed contact lenses to sleep, and removing them in the morning when you awake.  These gas permeable lenses are made of a very high oxygen material so they are safe to sleep in.  They work by temporarily reshaping your cornea causing the light rays to focus back on your retina and allowing you to see again.  You can think of orthokeratology like wearing braces for your eyes.  The vision correction is temporary and you would need to wear your lenses every night to sleep to maintain your new corneal shape.  If you decide to stop ortho k treatment or decide to do lasik, you simply stop wearing the lenses and your cornea and vision will return to its original shape and state.

Imagine what it would be like to be free from your glasses and contact lenses. How would it be like being able to swim and see? Can you think of any other activities you would enjoy even more?

Not everyone is a candidate for ortho k.  During your eye exam, we will gather information from your vision and topography data to determine if you meet the criteria for success.
Topography is a map of your corneal shape and the contact lenses are designed and mirrored according to your unique corneal map. Once ortho k treatment begins, follow-up visits will be scheduled to ensure treatment is headed in the correct direction and the eyes are healthy.

Our office uses the Wave Contact Lens System to design ortho k lenses among other specialty contact lenses like keratoconus. Here is a link of more information about the Wave system. Be sure to watch the video on ortho k: http://www.wavelenspatient.com/

Here is a link to the latest research and myopia control studies on ortho k: http://igolenses.co.uk/latest-research-orthokeratology.html

Here is the link to answers to questions that many others have asked. http://www.orthokdoctors.com/orthokeratology_faq.html

Here is our website to request your appointment with us to see if ortho k is right for you. http://www.visionsource-izaaceyes.com/

If you have recently (less than a year) had an eye exam with us, simply schedule a topography visit.


About Meyer Izaac, O.D.

I am an optometrist in Encino, Ca. I love what I do and I like practicing on a very personal basis without feeling rushed so that I can provide the highest standards of optometric care and address my patient's needs in an orderly manner. I received my Bachelor of Science at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, and my Doctor of Optometry at the Southern California College of Optometry in Fullerton, California where I graduated with honors. My services include comprehensive eye examinations for glasses and contact lenses, eye disease diagnosis and management including glaucoma, and refractive surgery consultation and co-management. I am licensed to prescribe therapeutic medications for the treatment and management of eye infections, glaucoma, inflammation, eye allergies and dry eyes. I have a particular interest in specialized contact lens fittings such as keratoconus, orthokeratology, post corneal transplants and post refractive surgeries as well as other hard to fit contact lens cases. I strive to achieve excellence in providing thorough patient examination and recommendations. http://www.visionsource-izaaceyes.com/ http://www.facebook.com/MeyerIzaacO.D http://twitter.com/#!/Izaaceyes .
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    I just need reading glasses will this help with that ?

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